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A healthy weight is fundamental to a healthy body. Individuals with a healthy bodyweight are least likely to encounter health related complications, contrary to those with excessive body weight. As you would expect, most studies have suggested that unhealthy eating habits and overheating are the main factors leading to weight gain. The bad news is that over 83% of individuals facing weight gain concerns are always unable to compromise on their unhealthy and overeating habits. The urge of food to them is nearly irresistible.

Other factors contributing to weight gain include hormonal imbalance, slow metabolism and limited physical activities. Our bodies have inherent mechanism of coping with weight gain. For instance, if you overeat, your body can at times slow down the process of metabolism; as result lowering the chances of gaining more weight. The fat and calories stored in our bodies are then converted into useful energy. A slow metabolism however may also hinder the body’s ability to cut down the excess fat, which often results to the fat being stores in body areas like buttocks, thighs, belly, etc.

By now you must have read about various products that promise to help you lose weight; some of them exceed your expectations, while others are, well, less than perfect, to put it nicely. One such product that consistently and successfully delivers favorable results with no harmful effects is PhenQ.

What is PhenQ?

PhenQ is a natural weigh lose supplement that combines appetite suppression, increasing body metabolism and burning body fat all in one. PhenQ’s ultra potent formula has earned it growing positive reviews both from the online community and medical practitioners. PhenQ does not just stop at helping you lose weight; it works harder to improve your overall health, more like a nutritional supplement.

So, what’s inside this weight loss supplement?

PhenQ ingredients label

  1. Capsimax Powder – (15.5mg): A potent blend of capsicum, vitamin B3 (niacin), caffeine and black pepper (piperine) to burn fat. Capsicum and black pepper have thermogenic properties (this is what makes pepper hot’) to help your body blast away more fat.
  2. Calcium Carbonate – (625mg): The very mineral that helps your bones and teeth stay strong also works wonders in burning fat. How? It triggers the brain to send signals to your body that you are sufficiently nourished, and there is no need to store more fat. As a result, your body will use up all the stored fat instead of craving for more food.
  3. Caffeine – (142.5mg): It is surprising that you will find caffeine in most of the weight lose pills. Why? Because in addition to increasing your alertness and giving you energy, it suppresses your appetite and quickens your body fat-loss process.
  4. Chromium Picolinate – (10mcg): This mineral is commonly found in most vegetables, grains and meat. Chromium helps suppress your sugar and carbohydrate cravings, which helps keep your calories and blood sugar levels under control. On the other hand, chromium helps your cells to absorb as much sugar as possible, further keeping your craving for sugars and carbohydrates low.
  5. Nopal – (20mg): This is a high fiber substance derived from cactus. It helps you lose weight by suppressing your appetite, hence letting you consume fewer calories. Nopal also contains high levels of amino acids that offer you more energy while helping you flush out excessive fluids from your body tissues.
  6. L-Carnitine Furmarate – (150mg): This is an amino acid naturally found in meats, green vegetables and nuts. It helps your body use up its stored fat for energy, enabling you lose more fat and feel more energetic.
  7. LongJack Tongkat ALI: An Indonesian herb that prevents muscle degradation (which often happens during weigh loss) and keeps your body cells’ integrity in check, often used by body builders.

How does PhenQ work?

Most drugs work by mixing in the blood and diffusing into every center and corner in your body, and starts functioning almost immediately. PhenQ works is a similar fashion. It instantly diffuses into your body and effectively executes its primary function of reducing body fat. Clinical tests have proven that this weight lose supplement accelerates fat metabolism in human body and aids in burning fat faster. More specifically, PhenQ works in the following three main ways;

  • Appetite suppression: PhenQ contains Nopal and Vitamin B3 that suppresses your appetite, keeps your hunger cravings in check and increases your energy levels.
  • Increases metabolism: Metabolism is the primary mechanism that your body uses to burn calories, excess or otherwise. PhenQ boosts thermo-genesis; a process that burns excess fat in the quickest way. With high levels of calories burned and increased metabolic activity, it forms the most effective weight lose recipe.
  • Burns fat: the combined efforts of Capsimax Powder and Caffeine in PhenQ helps your body use up the unwanted, stored fats by converting them to energy. They also get rid of trapped water from areas of your body that you would otherwise not be able to eliminate by other methods.

PhenQ side effects

Generally speaking, PhenQ supplement does not have any notable side effects since all its ingredients are natural. However, like any other weight lose supplement, you might experience mild occurrences of nausea, jitters and digestive issues. Additionally, it is recommended that breastfeeding or pregnant moms should not use this supplement.

What results can I expect?

This does not have one straight quantitative answer. It’s quite hard to tell exactly how much weight you will lose since results are very individual, and will often depend on factors such as exercise, change in eating habits the frequency of taking your pill. But you can definitely be sure that there will be weight loss, improved overall health and a boost in self-confidence. Previous users have experienced weight loss of between 8 to 16 pounds per month, which is very impressive if you ask me.

PhenQ testimonials

phenq testimonials from real people

I was overweight. This was very unhealthy according to my doctor and the way I was feeling. I used to eat a lot. I tried several methods of losing weight without success. Fortunately, when I was about to lose hope I came across PhenQ. These are weight loss pills which I can recommend for anybody who is willing to stay healthy by losing weight. I loved snacks a lot, but after trying the pills I was able to cut over 80% of the snacks which I used to eat. The pills really work in helping people lose weight. They helped me lose weight to a level where I feel very fit now.

It was very easy for me to lose weight after I decided to use PhenQ. Due to the fact that I had tried several times without success, whenever I heard of weight loss pills, I was feeling like everything is just scam. I tried the pills and followed the exercises which were recommended for me by my doctor. Within 3 months I was able to lose weight and gain a new body shape which makes me very proud. The pills are top solutions for weight loss. They work in helping people lose weight naturally and effectively.

In less than 12 weeks I was able to lose 48 pounds. This may sound strange but it is very possible. I’m a witness. I was unable to lose weight because I had a lot of appetite. After using the pills for about a week, my appetite was suppressed. This made it possible for me to eat small meals and concentrate in burning excess fats from my body. Now I’m light and energetic. During the period when I was using the pills, I used to exercise for about20 minutes each day. This was very convenient for me provided I’m a busy guy.

After buying the pills, I started with one pill each morning with breakfast and another one with lunch. The routine worked very well for me. After 20 days people started noticing changes in me. But, on my part I started noticing chances after 4 days. PhenQ is a powerful pill which helps people lose weight. I had tried several times but I was unable to succeed due to the less effective methods which I was using. I had tried workout routines but they never yielded results for me. The pills are very effective for anybody who will like to achieve great success when it comes to losing weight.

My personal opinion

If you are one of the very many people struggling with weight issues, I recommend you give PhenQ a try. It will straight away suppress your appetite and boost your metabolism to burn more fat.

That said, it is important to note that PhenQ can work alone in helping you lose weight, but changing your eating habits and incorporating some exercises will help you maintain your new body mass. Be sure to buy PhenQ from the official web shop at

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